Healthcare Architecture

Healthcare architects in East Yorkshire

Design for today and tomorrow

We aim to raise the standards within the healthcare sector by designing functional yet inspirational environments. Each new project is an opportunity to expand and develop our design philosophy, as we aspire to provide flexible, socially-inclusive and environmentally aware design solutions that exceed our clients’ needs and aspirations.


We place a high priority on health, environment and resource conservation throughout the life-cycle of our projects.

In adopting a sustainable approach to design, we endeavour to address environmental, resource and occupant health considerations by aiming to:

  • Conserve non-renewable energy and scarce materials
  • Use renewable energy and materials that are sustainably harvested
  • Minimize ecological impact of energy and materials
  • Protect and restore local air, water, soils, flora and fauna
  • Support pedestrians, bicycles and other alternatives to fossil-fuelled vehicles

Social inclusion

We believe that good design should not only provide a positive experience for all users but should as a minimum provide a backdrop to either invigorate, or provides a sense of well-being during what can be sobering/emotional times.


Our design approach aims to address healthcare, social and economic opportunities within a project. In order to achieve this, an inclusive approach is fundamental to ensure an environment that is accessible and usable to all, and that all building users can enjoy the full range of facilities and services without any detriment to the intended experience.


We recognise that, as a practice, we must ensure that our operations are undertaken in accordance with the highest standards practised in the industry, and we take pride in the high quality provision of our services.

It is our aim to deliver a quality service that, at all times, exceeds the aspirations of our clients within a culture of openness, trust and genuine commitment. Furthermore, it is our declared policy to follow the highest ethical and business standards in everything we do.